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Welcome to our second annual Unwritten Histories year-end review and the last post of 2017! As  I did last year, I have divided this look back into two parts. The first is a month-by-month recap of some of the most important events in Canadian history over the past year. Obviously I haven’t included everything here. I’ve tried to pick the most significant events and those that were relevant to individuals all over the country. And of course, there are a few more whimsical additions.  In the second part of this blog post, Stephanie and I list some of our favourite reads from the past year.

A quick note: several of the events below refer to archives posted on Storify. The company recently announced that it would be closing as of May 2018. In January, I will begin the process of converting these archives to HTML format, which will preserve them on this blog. So there is nothing to worry about!

Without any further ado, enjoy!


Canadian History in 2017


























Favourite Canadian History Reads from 2017


Favourite Canadian History Scholarly Journal Articles of 2017




Favourite Canadian History Blog Posts of 2017




Favourite Canadian History Book Read in 2017


I’m a terrible person and haven’t read a whole academic book (for fun) this year. But the two books I most want to read are:



Most Overrated Canadian Historical Event in 2017


  • Canada 150


  • The Lindsay Shepherd debacle.


Most Underrated Canadian Historical Event in 2017


  • Beyond 150
  • Indigenous Canada course launch



I think it’s pretty clear that anyone who thinks Canadian history is boring needs a reality check!

Once again, before I go, I want to thank everyone who reads this blog and follows me on social media, particularly those who have been generous enough to donate and support the blog on Patreon. I highly doubt I would be writing the second year-end-review if it wasn’t for all of you, so you have my deepest gratitude! I continue to be humbled by the fact that the Canadian historical community has embraced Unwritten Histories so readily.

I also want to take the time to thank the many people whom I now consider dear friends that I would never have met if not for Unwritten Histories: Stephanie Pettigrew, Jessica DeWitt, Krista McCracken, Jenny Ellison, Maddie Knickerbocker, Claire Campbell, Dennis Molinaro, Shannon Stettner, Melissa Shaw, Gill Frank, and Jessica Knapp.

I also want to especially thank Lynne Marks, Elise Chenier, Cameron Duder, Carmen Nielson, Karen Balcom, Adele Perry, Tarah Brookfield, Maxime Dagenais, Ian McKay, Elizabeth Mancke, Linda Kealey, Greg Kealey, Mary-Ellen Kelm, Pascale Scallon-Chouinard, Jo McCutcheon, Lindsay Gibson, Michel Duquet, and Patrizia Gentile for their unwavering support of Unwritten Histories and me. You folks are my heroes.

On a more personal note, this has been a really tough and busy year for me, particularly since September. I’ve been teaching two courses while operating Unwritten Histories, and it almost killed me. (I should totally be marking right now.) I would especially like to thank Catherine Ulmer for always being there to talk, Danielle Robinson for always making me laugh when I really needed to, Stephanie Pettigrew for pictures of otters and all of the amazing work she does behind the scenes, and, of course, my husband, Lee Blanding, for being the brains of this entire operation. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Have a very happy holiday season, and I will see you back here in 2018!

Quick programming note: we’ll be back with a brand new blog post on January 9th. Tweeting will continue until Friday, and will resume on January 7th.

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