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Welcome to Unwritten Histories’ collection of Call for Papers – where you will find all current call for papers in Canadian history and related topics. If you would like to add a CFP, please contact Stephanie Pettigrew via Twitter (@steph_pettigrew), email (stephanie [dot] pettigrew [at], or filling out the contact form below.


Comparative Perspectives on Regulating Age of Consent and Child-Marriage in the British Empire, 1880 to 1930

Location: University of London, UK

Conference Date: June 15, 2018

Paper Proposals due by: January 8 2018

Themes: The debates that led to the reform of age of consent laws around the British Empire from 1880 to 1930. The conference is interdisciplinary as well as transnational.

Requirements: An abstract of no more than 300 words with a short bio.

Contact: ageofconsentsoas (at) gmail (dot) com


1968 in the Americas: Impact, Legacies and Memory

Location: Institute of the Americas, London, UK

Conference Date: June 21-22 2018

Paper Proposals due by: January 12 2018

Themes: An analysis of the lasting impacts of the dramatic events of 1968; from militant student activism in Mexico City, Montreal, and New York, protests against the Vietnam war and racial discrimination, second wave feminism, Quebec separatism, the Cultural Congress in Havana, the conference seeks to understand how global events were refracted locally in the Americas.

Requirements: An abstract of no more than 300 words and a short bio of no more than 150 words.

Contact: Kate Quinn, katherine (dot) Quinn (at)


Thinking Mountains Interdisciplinary Conference

Location: Banff, AB

Conference Date: October 2-5 2018

Paper Proposal due by: January 12 2018

Themes: Dialogues centred on mountain places, peoples, and activities around the world. See link below for more comprehensive discussion of themes.

Requirements: 150 word abstracts for a 20 minute paper accompanied by brief biographical note.



The Bibliographical Society of Canada: The Book at the Crossroads of Diversities

Location: University of Regina

Conference Date: May 2018 (Congress)

Paper Proposals due by: January 15 2018

Themes: The evolution of publishing, the representation of diversity in specific publications such as textbooks over time, studies of specific genres, the many diverse approaches to book history through historical, literacy, cultural, sociological, technical, and bibliographical studies, and other possible themes (for comprehensive list see link below).

Requirements: One page proposal and brief biography.

Contact: proposals (at) bsc-sbc (dot) ca


Telling the Stories of Race and Sports in Canada: A Symposium

Location: University of Windsor, Ontario

Conference Date: September 28-29, 2018

Paper Proposals due by: January 15 2018

Themes: Canadian experiences that address sports in a racialized world.

Requirements: An abstract of no more than 250 words for an individual presentation of approximately 20 minutes.

Contact: Miriam Wright, email racesportscanada (at) uwindsor (dot) ca


Symposium of the International Society for the History of the Map

Location: University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine USA

Conference Date: June 21-23 2018

Paper Proposals due by: January 15 2018

Themes: Any aspect of the production, circulation, or curation of early maps and mapping, with preference given to proposals that address the conference’s key words (see link below).

Requirements: A 250-400 word abstract which includes your name, email address, institutional affiliation, and project title.

Contact: ishm2018 (at) maine (dot) edu


Canadian Society for Digital Humanities

Location: Regina, SK

Conference Date: May 26-June 1  2018 (Congress)

Paper Proposals due by: January 15 2018

Themes: Varied; see link below for details.

Requirements: Proposals for 20-minute papers or 90-minute panels must be submitted through the link provided on the CFP page, which can be found below. Abstracts should be approximately 500 words.

Contact: Program Committee – Constance Crompton, Aaron Mauro, Servanne Monjour, Jim Clifford, Brent Nelson, Jason Boyd, Susan Brown.


The Neil Sutherland Article Prize

Prize awarded: CHA 2018 meeting (Congress)

Submissions due by: January 15 2018

Eligibility: Articles published in English or French in scholarly journals and books between January 2016 and December 2017 on any time period, national/international context, demonstrating a clear contribution to the study of the history of young people.

Requirements: Submission of a PDF copy of the published article

Contact: Jamie Trepanier, Co-Chair, History of Children and Youth Group, email james (dot) trepanier (at) historymuseum (dot) ca


Canadian Committee on Migration, Ethnicity and Transnationalism Article Prize

Deadline for Nominations: January 15 2018

Themes: Awarded to scholarly articles and book chapters in both English and French, which have made an original and significant contribution to the historical study of migration and ethnicity.

Requirements: A digital copy of the chapter or article must be sent to the chair of the CCMET Article Prize committee, Dr. Jane Nicholas.

Contact: jane (dot) nicholas (at) uwaterloo (dot) ca


Nuclear Histories of Canada

Location: Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History, University of Toronto, Toronto Canada

Conference Date: September 2018

Paper Proposals due by: January 15 2018

Themes: The role of nuclear issues in Canadian history, Canada’s role in the nuclear age.

Requirements: 300 word proposal and a CV.

Contact: Susan Colbourn, email susie (dot) colbourn (at) mail (dot) utoronto (dot) ca


Canadian History and Environment Summer Symposium (CHESS Summer School)

Location: Regina/Saskatoon, SK

Conference Date: May 30-June 1, 2018 (right after CHA)

Paper Proposals due by: January 15 2015

Themes: Environmental history

Requirements: There is an online application form, see link below.

Contact: Jim Clifford, University of Saskatchewan.


Storying Our Pasts: Historical Narratives and Representations

Location: Carleton University, Ottawa ON

Conference Date: March 15-17 2018

Paper Proposals due by: January 21 2018

Themes: Historical output and means of storytelling, ways in which history is presented to an audience.

Requirements: Proposals of no more than 300 words with a brief author bio.

Contact: underhill (dot) colloquium (at) gmail (dot) com


2nd Annual Northern Historical Student conference

Location: University of Northern British Columbia

Conference Date: February 23-25 2018

Paper Proposals due by: January 22 2018

Themes: “Discovery” – the exploration of the contention behind the word in the historical discipline.

Requirements: Submission using Google Forms here:

Contact: nhss (at) unbc (dot) ca


Centre d’Histoire des régulations sociales: The Great Transition/La Grande transition

Location: Montréal, QC

Conference Date: May 2018

Paper Proposal due by: January 26 2018

Themes: The political history of capitalism (see link below for more comprehensive list of themes)

Requirements: A proposal of approximately 250 words accompanied with a short author bio



Oral History Association 2018 Annual Meeting

Location: Montreal, QC

Conference Date: October 10-13, 2018

Paper Proposals due by: January 31 2018

Themes: Protest.

Requirements: Unspecified, contact one of the three contacts below regarding proposal length, CV, etc.

Contact: Steve Estes, email steve (dot) estes (at) sonoma (dot) edu; Amy Starechski, email aas39 (at) columbia (dot) edu; Natalie Fouseki, email nfousekis (at) fullerton (dot) edu


Lifting the Rug: Revisiting Events, Perspectives and Voices of Nursing and Health History (University of Ottawa 3rd Annual Graduate Student Conference)

Location: University of Ottawa, Ottawa ON

Conference Date: May 17 2018

Paper Proposals due by: February 1 2018

Themes: Research not typically done focusing on nursing and health, particularly featuring those who are marginalized; new methodologies or using traditional methodologies in new ways.

Requirements: A 300 word abstract with a 1 page CV.

Contact: Alessadra Iozzo-Duval, email nhru (at) uottawa (dot) ca


Winnipeg General Strike Centenary Conference

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Conference Date: May 9-11 2019

Paper Proposals due by: February 1 2018

Themes: The Winnipeg General Strike – the fight for a better life, solidarity across boundaries, building a working-class alternative. (See link below for details.)

Requirements: A proposal not exceeding 100-150 words including title, and a 100-150 biography including a list of publication, activities, and a list of positions relevant to this event.

Contact: 1919strikeconference (at) brandonu (dot) ca


From Rivers to Oceans: Inland Maritime History and the Nexus of Fresh and Salt Water

Location: St. Charles, Missouri, USA

Conference Date: May 20-23, 2018

Paper Proposals due by: February 1 2018

Themes: The history of inland waters and spaces of convergence between fresh and salt waters; freshwater environments, the relationship between inland water-born commerce and urban growth.

Requirements: 500 word abstract for each paper, and a one-page panel abstract for complete panels, along with a brief bio for each participating author (including panel chairs).

Contact: nasoh2018 (at) gmail (dot) com


Our Home on Native Land

Location: McGill University, Montréal, PQ

Conference Date: March 24 2018

Paper Proposals due by: February 9 2018

Themes: How Land has affected the many aspects of indigenous rights, the various ways indigenous people view land, how this has changed over time.

Requirements: Contact info, short bio, a 250 word description of your presentation with working title, and a brief description of how your presentation relates to the conference theme.

Contact: (also a facebook contact from link)


Canadian Nautical Research Society Annual Conference

Location: Toronto, ON

Conference Date: June 21-23 2018

Paper Proposals due by: March 1 2018

Themes: Various themes; see link for extended list.

Requirements: Brief abstract and working title with a short author bio.

Contact: Dr. Sam McLean, email sam (dot) mclean (at) cnrs-scrn (dot) org

21st Biennial Conference of the American Council for Québec Studies

Location: New Orleans, LA

Conference Date: November 1-4 2018

Paper Proposals due by: April 1 2018

Theme: Anything regarding Quebec studies will be considered.

Requirements: Abstract of approximately 250 words, submitted via the ACQS website, in either French or English.

Contact: Susan Pinette, email spinette (at) maine (dot) edu.


29th Canadian Military History Colloquim

Location: Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo ON

Conference Date: May 4-5 2018

Paper Proposals due by: February 5 2018

Themes: All periods of Canadian military history, war, and society, with special preference given to 1918, the last year of fighting on the Western Front.

Contact: conference (at) canadianmilitaryhistory (dot) ca


Canadian History of Education Association Biennial Conference

Location: Crowne Plaza, Fredericton, NB

Conference Date: October 18-21 2018

Paper Proposals due by: March 1 2018

Themes: “Cultures, Communities, Challenges: Perspectives on the History of Education.”

Requirements: Online submission page (see link below)


Slavery Past, Present, & Future: 3rd Global Meeting

Location: Indiana University Europe Gateway, Berlin, Germany

Conference Date: July 10-11 2018

Paper Proposals due by: March 2 2018

Themes: The selling of humans as chattel goods around the world and throughout history, both past and present. (See link below for comprehensive list.)

Requirements: 300 word proposal with a maximum of 10 keywords, a title, contact email and institutional affiliation.

Contact: Karen E. Bravo, email kbravo (at)


Northeast and Atlantic Region Environmental History Forum

Location: Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, Ottawa, ON

Conference Date: June 15-16 2018

Paper Proposals due by: March 3 2018

Themes: This forum is limited to the participation of 12 pre-circulated papers. Please see link below for details.

Requirements: Proposal of 250 words

Contact: Brian Payne, Brian (dot) Payne (at) bridgew (dot) edu.


Borders and Border Walls, A New Era? (In)security, Symbolism, Vulnerabilities

Location: Université de Québec à Montréal, Montréal, QC

Conference Date: September 27-28 2018

Paper Proposals due by: March 31 2018

Themes: Various historical and contemporary questions regarding border walls and border lands; see link below for complete list.

Requirements: Abstracts of no more than 300 words which include the subject, empirical frame, analytical approach, and the theme. Authors must include their names, contact information, and the title of their paper.

Contact: Andréanne Bissonnette, BordersandWalls (at) gmail (dot) com



Institut d’Histoire de l’Amérique française (IHAF): L’histoire dans la cité

Location: Drummondville (UQTR)

Dates de conférence: 18 au 20 octobre 2018

Date pour lequel votre communiquation doit être soumis: 31 mars 2018

Thèmes: Thèmes variées, voyez le lien ci-dessous.

Requis: Replissage du formulaire soit pour les individuelles our pour les propositions de séances (le lien pour ce formulaire ce trouve au cite web ci-dessous).

Contactez: Stéphane Castonguay, ihaf2018 (at); Jean-François Cantin, ihaf (at) ihaf (dot)


1968 in Canada: A Year and its Legacies

Location: Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau QC

Conference Date: September 28 2018

Paper Proposals due by: April 1 2018

Themes: The exploration of focused questions in a range of fields (politics, history, culture, and others) addressing the legacy of 1968 in Canada (see link below for further details). Presented papers may be considered for a published collection following the colloquium.

Requirements: A proposal not exceeding 300 words with an author CV

Contact:  kirkeycj (at) plattsburgh (dot) edu; mhawes (at) fulbright (dot) ca; a2holman (at) bridgew (dot) edu


Modern America Series – Call for Book Proposals

Date: Not specified.

Themes: The culture, politics, and history of the Americas from the nineteenth century to present day.

Requirements: Proposals for monographs and edited volumes from scholars in all disciplines. Editors will also consider translated works that originally appeared in Spanish, French, or Portuguese.

Contact: Dr. Claire Linddsay, email claire (dot) lindsay (at); Dr. Tony McCulloch, email tony (dot) mcculloch (at)



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