This image features four little girls walking through a winter forest landscape. There are some bare trees and some pine trees with snow on them. Going from left to right, the first little girl has a white coat, a red hat, and red boots. She is carrying a book and a toy horse on a stick. The second little girl is wearing a being coast over a red dress that peeks out from the bottom. She is wearing brown boots, and a black hat with red ribbons. She is carrying a baby doll. The other two girls are slightly ahead of them. The third girl is wearing a red coat with white trim, a patterned grey dress peeking out from underneath. She has white boots, and a black cap with white trim. She and the final girl are carrying holiday greenery. The final girl is wearing a beige coat with red boots, and a red hat. In the foreground, there are also four birds.

“A merry Christmas to you.” Ephemera. 1912. New York: Gold Media Art. Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Literature. Toronto Public Library. Public Domain.

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