Reflections on the CHA

I’m still sad that I didn’t get to go to the CHA this year. Thankfully, Canadian historians on Twitter did an absolutely amazing job of retweeting a huge number of panels, giving me and others a little taste of the conference! Rather than let this information vanish into the twitterverse, I decided to consolidate it into one place.

Some information about how I compiled and organized these tweets:

  • This collection is based on the #chashc2016 hashtag only.
  • I have organized the tweets
    • By date
    • By panel
    • By time.
    • No retweets, announcements, promotions, or conversations (before, after, or during) have been included.
  • If a panel does not appear in this collection, that is because no one live tweeted it.
  • Social events and the awards ceremony have also been excluded, since the results are already publicly available.

So those are things to keep in mind when you’re reading the archives. I’ve tried to organize everything in order to make reading this material as easy as possible. However, it is possible (and even likely…) that there are some errors, whether in organization or because I put a tweet in the wrong panel. If this is the case, please let me know and I will correct the mistake as soon as possible. I have also linked the text below to the original archives rather than embedding the archive in this blog post, simply to avoid loading problems on slower computers. Clicking on any link will open the archive in a separate tab.

So here we go!




->This list in still a work in progress, and will be updated shortly with more information about community events!

I do also have an archive for last year’s conference, so if you’d like me to do the same thing I just did here, please let me know. And I will definitely be going next year!

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