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The CHA 2017 Annual Meeting might be over, but that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten!


This year’s CHA was, as always, absolutely incredible. I saw some absolutely fantastic panels, and did my best to live-tweet as many as possible! In between, I did all of the things, went all of the places, and met all of the people. My poor little hermit brain feels like it is about to explode! But before it does, I wanted to put together our annual Storify archive of tweets from the conference.

As was the case with last year, I have organized all of the live-tweets that were posted using the hashtag #chashc2017, which was the official hashtag for the conference. For ease of reading, the archive is divided by date, with each day being its own Storify. I have included both a link to the Storify, to make loading this page easier on mobile. Within each Storify, I have further divided the tweets by panel. If a panel is not listed, that is because no one tweeted about it. Social and other events were also included, but random chatter was not. As aways, if there are any mistakes, please let me know and I will be happy to fix them!

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Quick programming note: I’ve been thinking about what to do about the Roundup. Given that the week was pretty quiet due to many Canadian historians being at the CHA and the fact that I’m exhausted, I’ve decided to postpone it for a week. So our regular posting schedule will resume next week on Tuesday, June 6, with a brand new blog post, reflecting on my experiences at the CHA and including a mini-roundup for the conference. The next Canadian History Roundup will appear on Sunday, June 11 and will be a double feature.

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