This image shows a woman competing in an Olympic downhill ski competition. She is on the slopes, having just gone through two slalom gates. She is wearing a blue and white uniform, and a fiercely competitive look on her face.

Canadian woman entrant in women’s downhill skiing, Tenth Olympic Winter Games. February 1968. H.J. Leclair / Library and Archives Canada / 3241319. Copyright: Library and Archives Canada

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This week’s highlights: Color our Collections 2018 at Canadian institutions, Black History month, and the history of Canada at the Olympics.


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This has been a difficult roundup to write, in light of the recent Stanley decision.  Like so many others, I am heartsick and outraged by what happened. This is settler colonialism at work. The history of this land and the way that history is taught both played their parts in how events unfolded. Those of us who benefit from settler colonialism have an obligation to stand up and take action against this injustice. Knowing our history is only part of this. There are many ways you can help. I made a list of them over on Twitter.

This is a pretty quiet week as far as the roundup goes, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways. If you did, please consider sharing the roundup on the social media platform of your choice. Don’t forget to check back on Tuesday for a brand new post in our Inconvenient Pasts series. See you then.

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