Image of a man and a woman standing at a well. They are dressed in an 18th century style, and are supposed to represent characters from the poem Evangeline. This is a travel poster advertising a trip to Nova Scotia via Canadian Pacific.

Canadian Pacific Railway Company. 1920. “Spend Your Vacation in the Land of Evangeline.” Posters. Chung Oversize and Graphic Materials. doi:


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Holy CFPs! It’s like everyone decided they needed to issue them all at the same time. Of course the one that many are the most interested in is the CHA’s, though I’m betting 90% of us will procrastinate on this one until at least mid-October. 😉 I hope you enjoyed this (regular-sized!) roundup! If you did, please consider sharing it on the social media platform of your choice! And don’t forget to check back on Tuesday for a brand new blog post featuring my favourite articles on Canadian history published in the last month! See you then!

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